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SERPLogic.com Guest Post Service Review 2018

SERP Logic.com is committed to giving FREE extensive guidance on SEO, SEM, Internet Marketing and everything that comes in the middle. SERP Logic likewise has a Premium SEO Product range, and they take accounts from Agencies, Resellers and Affiliate Marketers.

SERPLogic.com Guest Post Service Review 2018

SERP Logic was established in 2015 to give content marketing services to those in the Digital Marketing industry. The organization has turned prominent among the SEO circle and is known for its products and results. The business has HQs in Murcia, Spain, with another group in London. They have expertise in CRO, SEO, SEM, Blogger Outreach, Marketing, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Inbound Marketing.

The Internet is saturated with false and fluff, written by talkers, not practitioners. Consider this: a big part of the SEO-themed content distributed is written by individuals that are disgorging different articles, and not really constructing it themselves from all their pseudo SEO knowledge.

In the words of SERP Logic’s CEO, Tommy McDonald,

“A few months back I made a decision to leave BHW. I set off on a journey to create a premium SEO product range that catered to a higher caliber of the client, one that understands quality before quantity any day of the week.
I used the solid reputation that the SERP logic blog was beginning to attract from industry leaders such as Ahres as the base for this superior SEO product range.

The outcome has been a powerhouse of top-shelf products and countless happy clients. The feedback we’re receiving from agencies, resellers, affiliate webmasters and industry leaders has been nothing short of amazing.

I feel the time has now come…there’s going to be some very unhappy old competitors out there.”

SERP Logic was made with the objective of building an agency that delivers premium services that SEO agencies want, while still giving the most elevated amount of client benefit.

The journey of SERP Logic

What began as a mere blog that gave free tips and data, has developed into one of the main SEO service providers that work directly with SEO and PR from around the world that demand the best SEO for their customers.

McDonald had seen everything all through his SEO profession and has utilized that experience and hands-on learning to make a team that shared his vision, and all who had the same objective: To give the best quality administration and builds long-term relationships with ethical SEO agencies.

The SEO scene is continually changing, and SERP Logic will keep on being at the top edge, using relationship building and outreach to give the best service available in the business.

Content is King

It isn’t far-fetched to say that quality writing makes all the difference as content, is the thing people search for when they search for a web address on Chrome or a keyword on Google, as told by SEO master and CEO of SERP Logic, Tommy McDonald. Despite the fact that it can come in various structures (written, pictures, infographics, and so on), it’s what influences a person to pick one site over the other.

Today, there’s a great number of posts out there. And while that number keeps increasing continuously, the average attention span of readers is dropping radically.

In a report by Time, people today lost attention after only eight seconds –even shorter than the attention span of “the famous goldfish”. The human mind has built its defense mechanism against this overload of information.

Most searches will give you a thousand results– or more. But a great many people (who’ll agree with me) just have time enough for the first (and perhaps the second) page, which they believe has quality content.

And while there are different variables that make one-page rank higher than the other, one of the main factors is Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

How does content relate to SERP Logic?

Now we know that clearly, SEO is a major influencer. If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be such high numbers of experts (or so they’re called) for this. Simply type SEO into any search engine and you’d find over the top information on it. If that wasn’t all, to understand how crucial SEO is, as per Entrepreneur, organizations spent a mind-boggling $65bn dollars on SEO in 2016 – though quite a bit of it was wasted.

In an industry that huge and with that sort of idle cash, it won’t be hard to find self-acclaimed experts, who practically, have zero knowledge about SEO.

And due to this, with time, SEO organization SERP Logic has turned into a power to figure in the business because of their creative, unorthodox methods of handling SEO.

Tommy McDonald, the CEO, is a distinguished name in the business and once made seven figures from his first SEO service – in the first year!

What is SERP Logic doing differently than the rest?

  1. A custom SEO design

Entrepreneurs know the significance of SEO to their businesses, however, the vast majority doesn’t know much about SEO. And they end up giving contracts to “supposed” experts who offer them SEO packages that don’t help their business at all.

SERP Logic understands that no two organizations are the same, despite the fact that they might have the same target audience.

Thus, both these two organizations will need an SEO strategy tailored to them which is SERP Logic’s area of expertise.

Custom SEO includes generating content suited for your audience, building connections, and ensuring the content reaches the last customer, the reader.

SERP Logic suggests being flexible when looking at SEO packages to get the best results. As a business, you shouldn’t stand be wasting money on packages that don’t work.

  1. Giving helpful content away

As a business, the main objective is to garner potential clients which will in time become repeat customers. But clients judge a business based on what benefits it offers.

One of the influential ways you can show them how much value you can bring to them is content marketing.

As per Forbes, content advertising is a marketing technique of making and spreading important, consistent and relevant content to gain and attract a targeted audience – with the aim of profit-generating customer activity.

In one of the interviews, Tommy McDonald called attention to the significance he puts on building value, not just promotional work. This is the foundation of SERP Logic. When a reader finds a site helpful to them, they’ll come back to it. This creates a sense of trust. Trust changes over perusers to purchasers.

It’s obvious that SERP Logic accentuated areas that most SEO businesses normally neglect. With Tommy and his experience, he has brought a new style to play the SEO game – for good.

SERP Logic goes beyond ‘links’

While their most prevalent item, Logic Outreach, is intended to help get top authority Guest Posts joins for your customers on sites in their niche, and on sites like the Huffington Post, Inc., Forbes, and so on. They also have many other independent packages, which we’ll learn soon about, that enable clients to have a powerful SEO campaign.

Let our design and content team create e a custom infographic for your customers and post it on expert sites, while you get all the acknowledgment

They work with leading SEO organizations around the globe and can give an indistinguishable service to any size of business.

How did SERP Logic kick off?

This is the thing that truly made my own image take off.
McDonald began SERP Logic as a blog, and his objective was to slice through the fluff pieces in the SEO world. He felt he needed a platform to voice his ideas and share his knowledge without being censored, and his sole option was to start his own site to do that

He believed that the SEO industry was full of fakes who composed for all the SEO websites and called themselves experts, telling people that the best approach for gaining authority was to write great content. Of course, that is one of the ways, but the majority of these “experts” were the greatest link sellers out there.

He started calling things and people out it, composing blogs about how to actually get the best links. That straightforwardness and trustworthiness brought about many considerable social offers and traffic to his site. It turned so large that he was getting a few demands every day by big organizations to deal with their SEO. They said they cherished my approach and needed me to manage their link building.

Those solicitation numbers kept increasing and that eventually made him build SERP Logic, transforming it into an agency, which now provides several products that people require in their business.

SERP Logic Products

Here’s a complete list of all their offered products:

  1. Logic Outreach – Genuine Guest Posts on Real Sites

Logic Outreach is one of the few genuine guest post services offered, intended to get you top-notch links on genuine sites. They work with top writers and editors to deliver custom content about your business and place it on some most well-known sites. Not only does this assist you in building links, you also get traffic from genuine customers

  1. Logic Local – Amazing Local SEO Packages

Their local SEO bundles are the most detailed and compelling solution for local organizations that are really into traffic and top rankings. Being honest: most SEO administrations don’t even scratch the surface. Employing an SEO amateur can end your business overnight. Would you want that, or would you like to have SEO experts handling your work?

  1. Local Infographics and Outreach – Quality Infographic Design and Outreach Placements

Content marketing is an approach to get links in a way that keeps you under Google’s rules. Google doesn’t favor quality content; it favors links. Their algorithm rewards sites with niche relevant quality links. THAT is the reason why content is king. It’s important because it’s a way to get amazing links in your site. That is the reason infographics are such a compelling form of content marketing.

  1. Logic Social Verification – Need to be verified? Get in line

Everybody wants to get verified, yet only a few ever do. SERP Logic can verify your Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account. But this is ONLY for accounts that deserve to be confirmed.

  1. Premium Editorial Links- Most hunted links available

Numerous individuals claim they have them, but in reality, there are just a few suppliers that have direct access to them. SERP Logic has what you are searching for: top quality links from the list including Inc., Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, and every other best media placements. In addition, they have premium links that you can’t get from any other individual, rare links nobody has to offer.

  1. Wikipedia Page Creation-Wikipedia is a standout trusted source of information online

Wikipedia’s content is constantly monitored by editors who consider their position seriously. Spam listings and links are removed even before the link can even be filed. SERP Logic has a group of experienced veteran editors (6+ Years) that create your entrance with the exactness and sources required to make a real Wikipedia entry. They have never had even one entry flagged.

  1. Local Power – Premium PBN Posts

When you purchase Logic Power, you get genuine private blog links, as each blog is worked on keeping in mind, genuine security and footprint avoidance. They will be tailor-made for your niche to make everything look perfectly natural. In simple terms, they do it right!

  1. Rationale Infographics-A standout amongst most powerful bits of content money can purchase

Most infographic fashioners will take your content and put together a plan without putting much thoughts or effort into it. In SERP Logic, their architects, who have been doing this for a long duration of time, do the infographic plan and research for quite some of the biggest SEO agencies around the globe. You can look at their samples to see the difference!

  1. Logic Press Release

Premium Press Release Service = Tremendous Exposure!

Which business would not want to be overwhelmed with the traffic your site picks up when an expert Press Release hits real top sites, giving your business the extremely valuable exposure, everybody wants? We guarantee that, with Logic PR, you get a quality public statement that is dispersed all throughout some of the best news outlets all over the world.

SERP Logic offers a customized, comprehensive SEO line that is backed by quality. With SERP Logic, your site will get the efforts and time it demands. SERP Logic guarantees genuine links, genuine rankings, and genuine results!

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