The search for LinkedIn ads alternatives posting sites an increase in recent times, due to the huge demands from website owners or bloggers to top engine search result. Before we proceed let’s understand the meaning of LinkedIn, what it does, what are the problems associated with it, and what is the best alternative to LinkedIn ads.

LinkedIn can be described as a social media platform that aims at creating business relationships by connecting businessmen and women all over the world. This platform serves as a means for people to obtain employment and get employees. It creates a relationship between an employer and an employee even before they meet, research has it that 60-80% of jobs are gotten from personal relationships, and LinkedIn has been of course the biggest and best networking website for business for years with members of over 500million in over 200 countries and this has been of great use to job seekers.

linkedin ads alternatives

But over time LinkedIn has been facing some multi-dimensional problems which include:

  • Spam messages
  • Weak network
  • Large user’s base and inability to control them.
  • Inability to find a balance between professionalism and socialization
  • weak links

These problems have led to the search for alternative solutions to the problems experienced by LinkedIn for quality SEO rankings. The SEO of business ads can also be carried out on a LinkedIn profile and this can be used to increase the ranking of a website or an ad on Google or any search engine.

The most alternative tactics for LinkedIn ads are using guest backlinks. Backlines are defined as SEO process that uses links to direct a user from other websites to a particular website thereby increasing its relevance and click-through rate and leading to higher rankings on search engines.

A guest backlink can be described as putting a link on someone else website and it leads directly to your website. Writing a post or article in a blog and connecting it to a link that direct it to your website is defined as a backlink. So this tactic is very useful and important because it comes with so many advantages rather than just creating a backlink. Which is, of course, the main reason for a website?



A strong way to recognize your site:

Buying of quality Backlinks are a strong way of gaining recognition from search engines because it tells the search engines that your website contains a lot of useful content that the other website needs, so they take them and put on their websites and this makes the search engines automatically want to put you up there when a related search for your keyword is carried out.

It is important to state that not all backlinks are quality links.

And ranking on search engines doesn’t just depend on backlinks but on quality links take for example you open a website on football, When you get backlinks from newer websites like yours they will do no good because they are no considered quality links but when you get a backlink from an existing football site it is counted as a quality link, and this will increase your site ranking on searches.

It is an effective tactic:

It is important to say that this is an effective method of SEO and a great way to increase search engine ranking, getting quality links by a website should be a goal for any website owner or operator. One of the best tactics for making a better SEO and increasing your ranking on search engines is buying a guest backlink.

Create a new Audience:

Other importance of guest backlinks is that it exposes your website to a new audience to explore your website and they can turn into potential customers.

It increases traffic:

Another usefulness of guest backlinks is, it increases traffic on the website which ultimately tells search engines that the website is a useful one and it comes out highly ranked when keywords are searched. Also if the website which the guest post is posted on is highly ranked or well recognized then it automatically gives you a stronger backlink n ultimately leads to higher ranks.


It is important to state that buying quality backlinks is one of the best if not the best tactics for improving SEO and increasing search engines ranking. I’m going to be explaining the advantages of buying backlinks with the following:


No stress in link building:

When backlinks are bought your website automatically start growing because links to your website will be found on other website and this will increase your traffic level and bring you new customers and increase the relevance of your page automatically. Buying of backlinks bring quality traffic to your blogs, websites, and to your social media accounts, search engine is the best traffic source you can get online, and backlinks enforce this tasks very well, with your backlink search engine is already aware of your niche, and in turn send your link to targeted audiences, search engines direct about 47 per cent of online traffic. In other words, quality links can lead to a quality and massive referral to your blogs or sites. Never undermines the usefulness and the effectiveness of buying quality backlink, because your site will start having link building without really doing anything. You just pay for your link on a particular website and automatically clicks come to your website. These links are not mere link, its quality backlink for top search engine optimization.

Little or no SEO stress:

The time-consuming factor in SEO is averted by the use of backlinks. When backlinks are bought it automatically raise the standard of your website to a peak or near peak and the website gains higher rankings. All these also occur when a website has a good reputation in Search engine optimization, but it is time-consuming and it has to be done by trained personnel, and if done wrong can hurt the website by reducing its ranking, and might eventually lead to a ban of your site. Ensure you buy quality backlinks and avoid quantity.

You dominate over your competitors:

Easily beat up your competitors faster and easier because you have the backing of other websites in less time, whereas other forms take a longer time to make ads sponsored post, and it’s cumbersome. Your site is easily leveled up with their competitors. And the result associated with links building is enormous, compared to your competitors.


The ability to buy quality backlink tends to advertise your website in top Google search as a relevant and useful website worth viewing, this make your ads or website come out first when it’s keywords are searched for. you agree with me that every online personnel trust Google for their services, 99 percent of internet user use Google every day in search of their desired targets, on this note, Google is credible and trustworthy by ranking your website or blog backlink high on search engines, your business will begin to enjoy trust and credibility with your target audience. It also promotes the ad or website on other website exposing it to a whole new audience. It also provides a link to a whole network of a new audience for the ad or website. Buying Backlinks are the best tactics for growing inorganically or unnaturally to top search engine results, and it is easy and stress-free than creating SEO.


I’m going to be sharing with you some top websites who offered guest posting services and where you can get quality backlinks to generate traffic for your site. As I noted earlier that search engine ranking is not just about backlinks but a quality backlink that can guarantee your website authority and popularity in top ranking.

The following are some of the top guest posting sites:


Guest posting:

This is a wonderful website for guest posting. It charges per post and the cost of a post is $22 and this is relatively cheap but notwithstanding, it provides a quality backlink. The site has strong authoritative backlink strength. They also give discounts on every 500words of an article submitted; they give a 5% discount. It is trusted by readers, and it’s also trusted by the user for its quality because it is believed that the content of the website is written by experts so it attracts viewers and it, therefore, is seen as a nice platform for guest posting. This is a site for every blog owner if you desire your website to rank top in search engine.


This is the leading guest posting service and this is the result that usually comes top whenever you type guess posting or something related to that. This website if needed, creates posts for the user and continues the outreach process, It is believed that this website follows through on your project for the whole 30days making sure it has gotten to the target website or a website that has a correlation with your post or a website in which your post will have the most viewers, and it will be most useful. They also provide marketing services for their clients. They use these marketing services for creating online traffic for your website. They are looking to position themselves as the best guest posting service. You can also check the website out and see if it suits you.


This is another leading guest posting website. This one focuses on creating great quality outreach and links. It’s so good that it charges $80 for a link generated. It is believed that the website has a team of people who are responsible for the outreach of post and making sure they land into authoritative sites and sites with high relevance so as to increase the quality score of its customers by creating great backlinks for them. One advantage of this website is it offers a means of natural and organic SEO so there is no penalty or reduced cause for any penalties by Search engines. If you need quality content for your blog or website, your best bet would be this awesome site.


This is another guest posting service. Like outreach mama, it’s also involved in outreach and link building It usually charges as low as $50-$60 per link built for a customer. Though not very popular does a very good job at guest posting services. It doesn’t have a lot of traffic when compared to its top tiers but it generates over 5000 traffics every month and this is site is suitable for most beginners, and for those who do not have a huge budget for backlinks.

Before you indulge in buying backlink, you must understand that when it comes to backlinks, quality is important than quantity. So you should avoid buying thousands of backlinks at a cheaper rate, remember the quality of your backlinks will either make or mar your website search engine optimization, its either your backlinks take your business higher in top ranking position or break it down to zero ranking. Ensure you buy a quality backlink for your business growth.

Finally, the efficacy, and efficiency of guest backlinks to search engine optimization cannot be overemphasized, because the success of every business is bestowed in quality backlinks, the above points emphasized the need for LinkedIn ads alternatives and the core reasons why you need to buy quality backlinks. On this note, it is advisable to buy quality guest backlinks, since the quality of your backlinks is a major determinant for your website top ranking on search engine optimization. Don’t choose quantity over quality. Quality backlinks will always bring about high website leads, popularity, and 24 hours promotion; facilitate your site speed, customer trust, and credibility.

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