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How To Create Quality Backlinks

Some of you are already aware of what backlinks are, that’s why you want to know about how to create quality backlinks. But even in this modern day where internet marketing rules, it may just surprise you how many people aren’t yet in the know as to what backlinks are, let alone what they do. And yet, backlinks are a super important ingredient you need to have in the kitchen of your website cooking in order to boost your online presence.

How To Create Quality Backlinks

how to create quality backlinks

5 Smart Ways to Create Quality Backlinks

So, what are backlinks, anyway?

Backlinks are links that appear on other websites that lead to your website. In the world of SEO, they are the backbone to your online success, almost literally. Even if you have a great content optimised for SEO, it’s still backlinks that are going to rank your webpage higher on Google Search. And this is what you should be aiming for if you want to drive traffic to your website.


However, just because more backlinks could mean more visibility, it doesn’t mean you can compromise on quality. Google’s new Penguin algorithm makes sure it finds links that are spammy, or links that are linked on webpages that have nothing to do with their own niche. What this does eventually will damage your rank instead of improving it. You’ll hear this often: quality over quantity. So what can you do to create high quality backlinks?


Read on for 5 smart ways you can improve your online presence through quality backlinks.




Don’t ever spend money on buying links

A lot of people think building backlinks is a chore, so the idea of buying links can be a very tempting one. After all, in this era of everything instant, many people want instant results as well. But this move is not only costly, it can often backfire as it might just damage your ranking on Google searches. This is because when you buy links, the provider often create poor quality contents that aren’t even in the same niche as your business. What this does is hurt your reputation as a trustworthy website in the eye of Google’s algorithm. If you’re considered to be spammy, too, you’ll have a harder time appearing on search results as well. What’s the point then, if no one sees you on first page?


Patience is a virtue, my friend. Even though it requires extra work, it’s always better to get organic links that actually work to benefit your online presence. After all, things you gain instantly disappear quickly, too, most of the time.


Look, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Building backlinks does require a lot of work initially. This is especially so if you’re only beginning and haven’t become a popular brand name. The competition out there is tight, with players who have been in which ever industry you’re dwelling in already having strong foundations. You bet it took them years of diligence and focus. Here is why you need to get smart to get on top of your game. Sometimes, think not of your competitions as, well, competition; rather, try to see that businesses running a similar niche to yours can actually become your ally.


The key is in building a good relationship with businesses in your niche.


We live in an era where information sharing is easily done through leaving reviews online and making references to products or services we like. Compared to how businesses used to run pre-Internet, I’d say the labours required to build strong relationships between businesses today are much easier, and definitely consume less cost. Building relationships can now be done by you just sitting in front of a computer, clicking and typing stuff. No longer do you need to travel half a world a way to meet in person to get to know each other.


We’ll get to how you can build a good relationship with similar businesses in a minute.


If you are keen on putting the essential efforts, you will harvest organic links that are much more useful than thousands of low quality links that are only going to weigh you down on cost whilst damaging your overall reputation when Google’s Penguin finds you. And yes, it will find you. Google algorithm is smart, folks. Don’t try to bypass it, or it will flag you as poor quality content and hinder any subsequent efforts you make to raise your ranking again. It’s not that Google is being mean, they just want to make sure that what is out there is of quality and useful to many people.


Again, quality over quantity. You cannot hear this enough times.


Create extraordinary content that will stay relevant for a long time

SEO-optimised content goes hand-in-hand with backlinks. They are the building blocks to your success as an online presence. Without SEO-optimised content to backlink for, your growth is sure to be stunted. Because, aloha, most businesses out there are already utilising them. However, you can still breathe fresh air by knowing that sometimes, people don’t put in enough effort to create content that is of real quality. This is where you can get smart and get on top of the competition, by creating something of value.


Here is what you should do, and why it works.


With the power of social media, people are always sharing contents they find interesting or useful. People love being interesting and useful, anyway. When the link to your article gets shared, this creates a backlink, where your name or website appears on different locations. This leads people to clicking on the link and get redirected to your webpage. When Google algorithm finds you and evaluates your worth they will rank your webpage as high quality website for its usefulness and popularity.


Of course, the key here is to make content that is within your niche. You don’t want to write about the awesomeness of cryptocurrency just because it’s a popular topic nowadays, when your niche is in providing luxurious spa experience. What’s the correlation? People looking into spa services aren’t probably wondering about bitcoins as they search for the ‘Top 10 Spa Parlours’ on Google search engine. Keep your content relevant.


It’s especially beneficial to discuss unique topics related to your business that aren’t already widespread out there. Of course, you want to have a reasonable balance between contents that are totally unique and contents that are popular on search engines.


The content that is in similar categories with popular ones already abound on the internet works to improve your visibility, however you must keep in mind to add your own personality and never copy someone’s work. Meanwhile, the totally unique content works to strengthen your backlink power. If you’re the only source of that kind of information, people will link back to your article every time they make a reference to you on their websites. What this does is when Google’s Penguin finds your links on these properly working websites within the same niche, they count you as high quality content and puts more authority on your webpage.


The one of a kind content becomes a passive push for your rank. Without you knowing, suddenly you’re already ranking higher on Google’s search results.


With that said, it’s never a bad idea to put in some serious work on creating super value with your contents. If you can come up with contents that are not only optimised for search engine results, but also beneficial for many people in your niche, then Google will take care of the rest. Try to come up with contents that will still be relevant even after many years have passed. Your traffic will still be in good hands. After pouring much effort into valuable content, you can just focus more on catering to your customer or audience, and afterwards building your product or service without having to constantly worry about accumulating inorganic links.


Interact regularly on social media

Creating a strong social media presence may make you think that it requires a lot of maintenance, thus making it appear daunting at first. But if you only knew how much it will boost your backlink ranking, you’d be more than eager to get in the smart move to utilise its prowess.


The basic idea is to get your username—which of course contains the link to your profile, which eventually links back to your website—appears as often as possible on as many different platforms. This automatically creates organic backlinks, with your own effort and under your own supervision. So you clearly have less to worry about paid backlinks that may not even work at all.


Not only does this save you unnecessary cost, but as you should know by now, no traffic is better than organic traffic.


When your audience is harvested organically, you can be sure that these people are genuinely interested in your product or service. Higher interest means higher chance for engagement. Higher engagement means higher rating according to the Penguin. Higher rating means higher trustworthiness. Higher trustworthiness means higher sales. And so on, you get the gist, right?


Your good reputation born out of genuine effort will put you on the front page of search engines.


Now, the key here is to get your link visible in as many platforms. So you want to like posts, add friends or followers, and leave comments. That way your username appears in public spaces. But keep in mind that you want to engage with social media accounts that are similar to you in some ways to get the benefit of the niche. So, employ the power of hashtags where needed. And, a piece of ancient wisdom: do NOT ever spam. If you get blocked and even reported for being spammy then goodbye success. Your visibility will get hurt so much.


Always be genuine in your approach. And don’t forget to put the link to your website on your profile.


Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are especially keen on making stuff viral. So, they’re the best places to start on building a personality for your brand. Plus, they’re super easy to maintain. Also, with simple statistics you can already get a glimpse on how your posts are doing. And it’s all for free.


Another great thing about social media is this: as the contents you’re sharing are definitely laden with information such as activities and promotions, your social media posts are already boosting more traffic to your website on their own. That’s why you want to put up an easy-to-click link to your webpage on your profile, which is a no brainer, really.


Wouldn’t that be the best combo as you’re killing two birds with one stone?


And yet another great thing about it is that as you engage with customers, and similar businesses, you get an insight into the market. You can always easily catch up with what’s trending and what’s gone out of style. Depending on the type of business you’re doing and your own personality, you can either use this to jump on the same wagon or instead attempt to do things differently by creating a value that isn’t already common. Either way, using social media helps you to collect insight into your niche. Much usefulness in just one place.


As the name suggests, it’s a social media. So get social and learn your market. Social media is powerful as it is useful. Get smart and use it well.


Make a review or refer to other people’s websites and content

Especially if your website is new and you’re only starting to grow your business, start backlinking for other people’s blogs that are in the same niche as yours. Are you seriously thinking that promoting other people’s blogs are counterintuitive? Hold on a second, and remember not to always view your competition as, well, competition. The thing to understand here is that these businesses are, in a way, your senior. They have been in the industry before you. They certainly have the market insight and know how to running the business in this particular neighbourhood.


More importantly, they have a bigger following than you! So, think about building a good relationship with businesses in your niche.


Promoting similar, or related, businesses in your niche can be a good addition for your blog content where you can refer to a brand that you like or find useful. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to talk about the exact same product or service you are offering. This can be a product or service that are different, but still in the same niche as yours. For example, if you run a yoga class website, surely you have certain products you’re using regularly in your day to day business dealing. It could be your yoga mat, or yoga mat spray, or anything. It is a good idea to mention these businesses in your blog posts, and eventually they can do the same for you. Wouldn’t you say that this is a fruitful synergy?


As you backlink supportive allies, show your genuine appreciation as to why you’re interested in or appreciate their product or service to begin with. Remember to not be fake just because you want market lead. As you build a genuine relationship based on real appreciation, it’s more than just likely that they’ll be delighted to backlink you on their blogs as well. This would definitely be an advantage as these seniors have a bigger following than you. And being in the same niche, their followers are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer as well. Has it started to make sense?


So, for that, make sure that you yourself have awesome products or services that create real value for the consumer within your niche. A good quality product backed with good marketing strategy rarely fails.


Another thing you can do is to leave reviews or comments. This is quite similar to the social media strategy. The key, again, is to increase the visibility of your username or website. Many blogs provide a function where you can include your social media and website links with your comment. People reading these blogs will notice your link and the chances of them clicking on that is higher if you can craft a professional sounding review. Keep in mind at all times that it is NEVER  a good idea to leave spammy comments on the internet, as when the Penguin finds you it will damage your reputation very badly. Even without the Penguin’s efforts, if several users have found your spams on different websites they are definitely even less likely to click on your link. Things could only get worse for you if enough people report your comments as spam, too!


So, authenticity and honest efforts are always a key factor to your ongoing success.


Also consider this: that as you make good relationships with real people in the same area of your expertise, you get valuable insight into different perspectives of your environment. In an era of everything digital, it is no secret that strong online collaboration plays a paramount role in a business’ longterm sustainability.


Always study and research your market niche

Every business has to grow if they want to stay on top of their game. An effort to constantly study your own niche is all the more important in this fast-paced environment. With so many people having access to the internet, so many new ideas are constantly being poured into the vast pool of digital marketing. New inventions and innovations sprout like magic beans; some stay, some go away ever so quickly. Sometimes you don’t even get to know a certain something was a boom for a while for they get forgotten so quickly.


A key component to a successful business is to be in the know of what’s trending. So, you want to know if there’s a new market model suitable for your niche, or that you have a new competitor with never-before-heard new features, or simply that your customers’ behaviours have changed. There can be so many factors affecting the environment you’re dealing with. Whilst having a strong persona is good, knowing what others are doing help you to gain insight into where you stand amongst the crowd.


Although it’s essential to stay in the know, it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to follow through with everything that’s trending. If you do that, you’re just going to have a hard time with your own sustainability, as there will be too many changes to handle in a short amount of time. At any rate, you know copycats don’t go too far. First and foremost, be an observer in every situation, and learn what seems will be good for your own business. Get in the know so that you can experiment on exciting things whilst avoiding mistakes previously done by others.


When it comes to the best learning method, your own judgement is the most important thing.

the decision is always yours to make.


One of the simplest, most organic feedback you could attempt to harvest is by creating online surveys. If you run a website and are working on your social media, chances are you’re sending out autoresponder emails. It’s very useful to send a link to your survey using an autoresponder email, and if you already have a solid organic fanbase, your subscribers are very likely to participate in the hopes of receiving better product or service from you. This way you get firsthand insight into what your customer base wants and aspires for.




By employing even just some of the 5 tips above, you will definitely begin to see real improvements after a while. What’s awesome about these tips is that they’re not difficult to do. They require dedication for sure, but once you get to the gist of it, you’re just going to be flowing with ease in the long run. These are really smart efforts to get yourself growing and make running your website much easier as you go. Remember to experiment wisely and decide for yourself what works and doesn’t work for you.

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