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Generate guest posting great links without outreach, it is possible

Running an online blog or business means it is crucial to bring exposure to business. There is a need for more number of visitors. The targeted traffic importance brings success and on the internet, there are many successful websites.

Interestingly, new articles are posted every minute and so it means the number of sites is bigger than the traffic and so now using these sites as traffic is best and so generate guest posting great links than going for outreach. This is a perfect way to maximize your exposure and to get online traffic.

A snippet on Guest Posting

Guest posting is a practice of posting as a guest on someone else’s blog and it helps in attracting traffic daily in good amount. In fact, this brings potential traffic to your blog or website. In fact, it is a fantastic way of strengthening and building relationships with your niche bloggers and increasing business exposure.

Many websites permit guest posting. To get assured, you may send the content idea as a proposal first and after approval send it to get published. Keep the website and write the content so that it gets to the audience. If you have expertise in a particular niche, publish the guest post on relevant site and build the audience. The websites include links within the content and thus you can enjoy a backlink and it also brings traffic as people click the link.

The guest posts are in your name and if you are lucky some websites allow writing a bio if so boost your name and enjoy online presence. The website is also benefitted as they get to publish quality content without spending money. Actually, this is a win-win situation for the involved people. Of course, also note that as many keep trying guest posting, not all get the request approved.

Know the tactic of generating great links minus outreach

Yes, there is no need for any outreach. There is guest posting easily done without pouring hours of work. This is an awesome way of generating links without the outreach. This is known as Reverse Guest Posting.

For instance: People having two websites with related niches, such as a broader health site and a fitness site or a skin care site and a beauty site, tech-based sites as a pair, and so on. Having more sites means you stand a better chance of success rate. Ensure your site has high-quality contents and looks like a genuine site.

The Process – overview of Reverse Guest Posting

The tactic is simple.  Reverse Guest posting is about:

  • Receiving a request for a guest post
  • Accepting the request of their guest post
  • Following a request to publish for you an article

Reverse Guest Posting done is not your site. You can consider ‘Site A’ linking to your ‘Site B’ and this is followed by ‘Site B’ linking to ‘Site A’. For instance: You take from ‘Site A’ an article and post to ‘Site B’, that is your site and contact the ‘Site A’ owner and request if ‘Site A’ will post an article authored by ‘Site C’.

Do you get the tactics? This involves less risk; it is more natural and really powerful. The most important part is that you are not spending hours on outreach. 

How it works

This tactic is not spam and it is just that you request a favor from a person whom you already have given a favor. It is that you are asked to accept a guest post and you accepted and so they have an exposure because of you and the link is available because of your site, so you have become a friend and a liked person.  Use this opportunity and ask them a favor, if they can accept an article from you.

This is a fascinating link building tactic.

The finest way to consider this

Heaping tons of guest posting featuring junk is of no use as it is not viable. Moreover, Google also penalizes you, and this is not a hidden fact.

The fact is open to all that posting typical crappy guest posts, or some fluff guest post pieces, using guest post exchange networks or using for link building the guest posting, means, you are putting or positioning yourself for a penalty from Google.

But yes, the reverse guest posting is completely new. You should not think or view at Reverse guest posting to be a tactic to link building, it is merely a tactic to offer exposure and the links come as a by-product, a secondary benefit.

The Process Breakdown

As the first step, you take from someone a quality article. The focus is on good quality related niche content. Now you put this quality article to clear the editorial process and in this process eliminate the crappy links or even ask them a re-write if you find the quality suffers and insert additional links so that it helps users and also to add content before publishing.

Now you are posting that article such that you extend it on social media and also o your email list. Now the posting of the article is done by you and this means there is a gate open for you to send an article and to get it authored by a different site. In this process, you need not ask for links.

Ask only one point: If they will accept an article from you that is written by another site that you are working on. On accepting the request, ensure the quality of the article is the best. Yes, this is the right time to insert relevant links. This is natural and it is observed that majority of genuine articles have links. Now, these links can be of your sites or links to a site owned by someone known to you who provide good useful content. There is no need to have any relation with the website you link to and you can merely place the link in the bio box.

The honest word is that even getting a bio box link is enough if your article is of high-quality and is posted on a quality site. This is because it holds good SEO value. 

Advantages of this tactic

  • You have your brand published and your name on a quality site.
  • You have a guest post live in your portfolio to use as a cold guest post outreach as well. 

Here is something crucial to know:

  • Insert links within the articles only when they genuinely help readers and are relevant.
  • The relevant articles and links ensure passing the editorial process and also 9/10 links remain within the article. 

Now, are you ready to learn this process as step by step?

  • Accept guest post and offer the required value
  • Quickly publish it without any delay
  • Ask casually for a return favor
  • Reply to all questions
  • Bring the guest post visibly 

Outcomes of Reverse Guest Posting

  • You receive a content or piece of high-quality article on any of your sites and the worst case scene is that you either post it or they reject to take the content or article from you.
  • Here you got a free content piece and you just are required to respond to their email and to post their article. Probably, you are ready to do it anyway.
  • The best scene here is you receive quality article and accept their request of the guest post and enjoy eventually all the benefits.

Now, the main point is to increase the odds of saying YES to your request for the guest post and it means you must know:

  1. How to make it functional

The tactic is simple, but there are key things to increase the success rate such as:

  • Maintain two related sites
  • Generate guest post requests
  • Keep ready a canned response so that you can reduce your time in guest posting pitches responses
  • Ascertain you have good looking sites so that your request response rate is really high.

How to generate Guest Post Requests

Writing a relevant topic meeting your blog or site niche using a decent keyword is more than enough to rank on page 1 and this is really adequate to initiate receiving submissions of guest posts. The numbers of guest posting will spike if the page or the content is well-written and crafted beautifully.

People searching for guest post prospects will type in Google as:

  • Niche + contributors
  • Niche + write for us
  • Niche + guest post prospects

 Here are a few key points:

Maintain the length minimum to 250 words and some more than 500 words. You can scale up to 1000 words if you are very confident about keeping the topic going on interestingly.  SEO really matters on such a page.

Optimize the title and also the URL. If yours is a fitness site write the URL as fitness-guest-posts performs well and put in the title as: “Fitness contributors required”.

Use subheadings. There is a need to have a few subheadings with keywords in them. Use the keywords in the body of the article and also include sentences that are fitness related such as:

  • We accept fitness contributors and we would be glad if you write for our site
  • Are you looking for opportunities as fitness guest post?
  • Are you a fitness expert or into home exercise, write for us. 

Follow it by optimizing the write for us page:

The chances are that you may receive articles in sub-standard quality. This is possible if you fail to mention clearly that you expect from the articles. There is a need to specify or outline your requirement because rejecting or even responding to articles is time-consuming.  So ensure to set guidelines on the page: write for us page.  Keep the outline with a few criteria such as:

  • Standard word count as 500 and minimum 700 on higher authority sites.
  • Ask for contents or articles targeting a keyword and lay down that fluffy guest posts will not be accepted.
  • Properly formatted and error-free. There should be no spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Specify the preferred format that you want, Google doc, word doc, etc.

There are possibilities that you get low response rate if you mention you give no follow links. Even if you say you hold back so that you edit articles. If you are asking to write to your ‘Write for us page’, you may list your directories list.

  1. Two Related Sites

Considering the SEO standpoint, say no to direct link swapping such as exchanging between Site A and Site B. Thus, it means you require minimum two related sites and both the sites of yours must have at least 10 decent quality articles, nicely formatted and with minimum words.

Having at least two sites is a must, but having multiple sites is better as you need not place all the eggs in one. Ensure you make your sites related to cross-promotion prospects and assist streamline link building.

  1. Pitch Templates

A Reverse Guest Post pitch template really works. In fact, even asking for a guest post in return prior to accepting their request also works. All you must do is to play around, try your hands on things that work for your niche and you.

Keep to the basics of having two good sites, start by doing a favor of posting their article and ask for a return favor. It is simple.

  1. Making Your Sites appear Reliable and Link-worthy

You may get a high positive response rate if your site looks exceptionally good. Your entire guest post request will receive immediate approval. Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Have a branded domain.
  • First impressions matter. Use small themes relatively. Appreciateyourfitness.com. Such themes work well.
  • Email list or social media presence. The success rate is high on promoting the article such that you accept promoting the article they post through your social media audience.

Leverage this fact of generating guest posting great links and enjoy the real high success rate!

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