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Being an independent SEO consultant or analyst or an SEO agency is now considered to be a lucrative business. It is seen to be so lucrative that the agencies are looking out to outsource. This is because the people knew the importance of SEO for the businesses.  Blog outreach or guest posting is an amazing way of building links to the website. On doing this, you earn incoming links as a regular stream from a variety of sources.

There are different high-quality sources and natural anchor texts and so doing it wrong may lead to frustration. In fact, you may also be ready to face multiple rejections from the sites denying your link or content, or even your topic. Eventually, the worse is that your links are removed and content edited such that you may lead to sites that offer no benefit to you and the entire thing is of no worth. It is at such time you consider FAT JOE.

Who is Fat Joe?

Fat Joe was founded in 2012, and it is the fastest growing link building outsourced and also the renowned content marketing agencies in the world. They have earned trust by more than 1,000 agencies and are spread in 12 countries and also have a security of over 5,000 link placements each month. They claim to power a few large agencies, independent consultants, and publishers.

It is 100% white label that the clients will never know if Fat Joe built your links or create content for you. They believe the outsourced services to be flexible always and easily accessible, and so there is no contract system. Fat Joe allows you to have control over your order, such as how many, and the time you need it. The services of Fat Joe are built to easily resell such that it ascertains better costs and quick deliveries. Placing orders faster in a few clicks is possible with Fat Joe and you can get completed services in lead times. Quality is not the issue.  You can get services within a few hours to a few weeks.

Fat Joe is an exceptional content provider and outsources link building for SEO agencies. Their dashboard is easy to use, track orders and signing for Fat Joe offers a clear access to ‘cream of the crop’ premium services mainly the blogger outreach. This is a product that Fat Joe does not go outdated and the client’s mentions on the websites and relevant blogs keep them in a strong position. In fact, the history of placement within the system is the advantage that you always feel safe about your reach. Fat Joe focus is worth mentioning as they solely work and manually handle the process and offer quick turnarounds.

Fat Joe’s services are segregated into 2 categories: Content Creation and Link Building. To begin with:

Content Creation

Fat Joe provides the Infographic design service that is engaging, clean, and crisp, such that it will not cost the earth and this is their promise. Fat Joe does not make designs beautiful alone, but they concentrate that it is made especially for you. Fat Joe offers the most precious white label 100% content creation that matches the website brand colors. Fat Joe gives an editable PSD so that the clients can make essential changes as required. All that the clients must do is to log into the dashboard, click the order and download the files.

There are trained designers, and they also have a dedicated team of quality writers to produce as per requirement both, the UK and US English content. Availing the Fat Joe Content Writing Service means you are sure to get magazine-quality content and as a fast turnaround time.

Link Building

Fat Joe specializes and powers the link building campaigns. Fat Joe offers four services in this category; to begin with is the Blogger Outreach. Fat Joe writes your content as per your niche and handles the outreach to authentic websites. Fat Joe writers write the content in such a manner that the outreach to sites is easily possible that it reaches the high Domain Authority metrics quality. It is not any site that Fat Joe makes placements. In fact, Fat Joe ensures placements finding the same niche and ensures the content is fresh and relevant. In fact, clients will notice every placement is secure and live from the dashboard that clients will get a report exported.

What else Fat Joes does?


Next in their services list under Link Building refers to the local business citations. Fat Joe claims that these are manually completed and no robots are employed. It also includes information and directories indexed, ranked in search engines, and trusted. Fat Joe ensures the list is country specific and there is local accuracy such that the clients receive screenshots and also a full report that is downloadable.

PR distributions

Fat Joe also handles for you the press release distributions. They write it for you and permit unlimited revisions. The clients need not feel worried about the revisions; Fat Joe takes it in the right spirit and does the essential changes to client’s satisfaction. Fat Joe distributes to more than 50 outlets online media and this also includes the Google New. Fat Joe monitors manually the live publications and also creates a comprehensive report.

Infographic outreach service

Apart from the press releases, Fat Joe also gets your infographic published on authentic and reliable blogs. Fat Joe’s Infographic Outreach Service aids in getting your website the required mentions so that you earn trusted powerful links to escalate the search visibility. This earns you traffic, brand awareness, and credibility. Fat Joe also writes essential content to go in parallel with it as an association and this strengthens the outreach.


Signing with Fat Joe allows you to create a dashboard without any charge. But their every category varies in fees based on the difference of their services offered. Of course, it seems to be a lot, but the range and diversity that Fat Joe offers make it agreeable as they are specific to offer that the clients want and to get what you ordered you also need to be ready to pay.

The blogger outreach service, as well as the Infographic outreach service, begins right at $60 for each placement of 1-25 blog placements in DA10+ websites. On the other hand, the local business citations cost only $60 with 25 submissions and the Press Release distribution plan even the basic types cost $90 for more than 50 sites. Considering the Infographic design, the basic plan is $145 and it permits up to a limit of 10 stats. The content writing costs $25 for an article of 500 words that are in magazine quality.

Why Choose Fat Joe Link Building Services?

Every link building service that Fat Joe offers is designed to offer the link mentions naturally of your website and it also mimics the natural viral distribution. The link mentions designed by Fat Joe are used as trust signals by the search engines such as Google and it enables determining the visibility of your web pages within the search results. The services of Fat Joe include controlling the variables such as the links quantities, target URLs, anchor texts, and other granular details. Fat Joe ascertains to have full control and offers it to the client over their link building profile that is being created for the client website.

However, before starting the link building services of Fat Joe, ascertain you have the onsite SEO basics covered.

  • SEO friendly URL’s: This is required so that it can be included as the keyword informing what your page refers to.
  • On Page Headings- Including of your keywords is done naturally and there is no keyword stuffing.
  • Title tags user-friendly: There will be the inclusion of keywords, for instance, taking the services and the name of your company.
  • Website responsive design: This is required so that the search visibility is ensured on mobile as well.
  • Internal links: This is given so that users navigate and seek the help of search engines so that they understand the linked pages.
  • The inclusion of Rich Media: This includes the videos and images that are favorable with the search engines and also the users.

How does Fat Joe approach?

The main trouble is always in doing things right and if you wish to do everything right; it means a lot of work is involved. Thus, Fat Joe approach also involves:

  • Researching a list of sites required to get a guest post on.
  • Looking for valuable hints that the specific sites are ready to accept guest posts.
  • Categorizing the sites into columns such as “long shot” or even as “ideal target” and “not too valuable.” These are the terms and the difference is done based on the requirement.
  • Searching for and finding the required contact information for submission guidelines.
  • Figuring out the type of content fitting your business and how it relates the site so that it is suitable to function or perform as a guest post.
  • Truly creating the guest post in high-quality.
  • Submitting the post and ensuring it gets accepted, potentially it takes rounds after rounds and also back-and-forth revisions.

All this is done for each link by Fat Joe. If the clients are aiming only for top-tier targets, then the individual links are not considered s it is not required. However, it also means, the effort is minimized for Fat Joe, but the risks are high. When the effort is less to put, it means it is harder and in a short gap the guest posts should get accepted and this is rightly handled by Fat Joe. Surprisingly, this is one business area that Fat Joe excels and clients are happy with Ft Joe’s style of creating branded content and link building.

Advantages of hiring Fat Joe

  • White Label Reporting- This is the biggest advantage that their contents follow the white label practice and so it is assured that the clients never face denial.
  • “Hands-Free” -Merely say the inputs and the rest will be taken care and handled. You can literally stay free.
  • Pay As You Go and this is an advantage as you need not shell out every month particular fees or charges. You may pay when you find the work is done and are not bound by the charges
  • Quick Turnaround: The turnaround time is unpredictable even with the best of the work. The time frame allotted is from 7 to 28 days.
  • Complete control. This means you can build your campaign as you like. There is no hard and fast rule. You can have your way of control.
  • Cream of the crop services. This is one of the best advantages that keep you above all in receiving the best services and this implies there is no waste of time and effort.
  • Access to free SEO tools- Use the SEO tools as you wish and exercise the liberty of tools to your advantage.
  •  An Order Dashboard- This dashboard is easy to use and you can use that to manage your order with ease.

If you are looking for a reasonable volume as solid stream and also reasonable value links, you must look for Fat Joe outreach services.  Fat Joe has adequate arrangements featuring a network of blogs that they really do not own, but they have those blogs network through different industries. They have cosmetics, fashion, education, and other industries, pretty much anything that any company may require. In case the clients business revolves in a narrow niche also Fat Joe can get you a link in mid-range and also in top-tier. Fat Joe does not boost individually the SEO but aggregates such that it can be beneficial. They are not paid, natural and are permanent. The longer you continue and subscribe for the outreach program with Fat Joe; the better will be your business outreach as their links keep compounding one upon another.


  • White Label
  • Vetted and genuine writers
  • Great Customer Support
  • 100% confidentiality
  • Provides complete reports for their services


  • Many pricing schemes


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