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Buy links for website

Are you new to link building or are doing for a while and are unable to get success?

Most of them trying SEO try buying links; you are not the only person attempting quality links. Here are the grounds why link building is essential.

What Is Link Building?

The link building and SEO landscape keep changing always and now the significance of building links in high-quality is higher. There is a need to know the importance and also to implement campaigns of high-quality if essential, if you wish to thrive and compete online. This is essential as this scenario of having quality links will remain stable for a longer time.

Link building refers to acquiring of hyperlinks so that users navigate on the internet between pages. The search engines employ links to crawl the web such that they crawl on your website individual pages and the links that appear between the website. Building links include many techniques and SEOs agree that the hardest jobs are link building. Many SEOs spend time trying to master high-quality link building art as it can put you ahead in the completion and among the SEOs.

Why SEO considers link building important?

The anatomy is to understand the link building importance and so go through the basics and what can be interpreted. Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO marketing and missing out this aspect means you are losing the main potential business. Employing link building strategies helps in creating SEO marketing campaigns of high quality helping your business thrive. The SEO link building importance is mainly because of these 3 reasons:

  1. It builds relationships

As you build your links, it is best to reach to other businesses, participate in other activities that are relevant to your business and to relay information regarding promotions. Improving link is the primary focus and it also includes residual benefits. Fostering relationship for long-term is beneficial for businesses such as:

  • More visibility in the search results for your blog.
  • High- quality links incoming to your site is respected as a valuable resource and this is done by writing relevant and quality contents.
  • Receive relevant niche traffic such that other websites are linked to your website.
  • Helps the search results in getting indexed.
  • It is regarded as important for SEO.
  1. Referral business

There is a need for referral business as these turn to be strong links and they can improve traffic visiting your site and thus promote your ranking. If the site is linked to an often visited and a relevant site, it helps in promoting your sales. Thus, the sales transform into repeat customers, that you can reap the benefits in the future.

  1. Brand building

Good link building promotes your brand. It reveals that in this field you are an authority and this is done through links to the related content. It helps to promote your company expertise as well as the goods and services strengths.

Now, what do links mean for search engines?

Basically, the search engines use the links in two ways:

  • To explore new web pages
  • To determine the way a page should rank in the results

As the search engines crawl on the web pages, they extract content from the pages and include to the indexes. Thus, they decide if a page has proper quality worth ranking to appear as relevant keywords. On deciding this, the page content, the links pointing the page and the external website quality are taken into consideration. Generally, the links to high-quality websites mean you rank well.

Links refer to ranking factor and this allows Google to dominate the search engine. This is used as a way of measuring the page quality and the number of links pointing to it. Thus, it is seen as a strong signal as the metric was employed for an overall ranking algorithm, as a way of determining page quality.

It was effective as a link was viewed as a vote of confidence for a page and it is believed that if the page does not deserve, there will be no quality links pointing it. The fact is that as someone links, they proclaim it is good. It is like you will not send your best friend to some bad restaurant.

Role of Google

The SEOs realized the way to manipulate the search results and page ranking but Google started finding ways to explore the websites that manipulated search results and rolled out updates regularly aiming at websites filtering so that the undeserved websites were ranked out.

Google recently penalized the website’s rankings for attempting to overuse the link building as it was over-optimized. The regular updates of penguin checked thoroughly. Knowing the technique of link building was to stay within the guidelines of Google. However, there are SEOs battle-tested paid link building strategies that help in analyzing the paid link potential so that the pitfalls can be avoided and even the risks can be minimized.

How do they do it? 

  1. Timing

As per the experts, for any new site, starting link building by following paid links is not the right strategy. There is a need to have a link profile featuring quality backlinks, even prior to considering buying links. The quality backlinks must have come naturally or you must have built it yourself. Only then it shows clarity of knowing your niche and also the SEO perspective of the competitors.

  1. Pace

SEOs must be careful and must not buy in bulk or rush to have the backlinks. It means you must not hurry to buy links. This is because showing backlinks as impulsive influx means your profile may not look natural. Secondly, you must assess the backlink prospective in-depth prior to paying for them. Majority SEOs confirmed they have paid links schedule and they adhere to it. Thus, a new site may initiate with just 5 links in a month and may increase the numbers gradually over months.

  1. Quantity

Paid link buildings must never be the basic link building method or even the only way of having link building. The safety ratio of having in a link profile the paid links is 10 to 25%. Thus, it means the links in majority should be built by you naturally through relationships or can be naturally acquired. This helps in maintaining an overall link profile that is healthy-looking.

  1. Quality

Emphasize the quality while considering a backlink.  The domain level and the page are the important things worth checking, do evaluate on a domain level.

  • Google indexation:  You may find out before getting a link by checking with ‘domain.com’, where you put the URL of the domain in place of domain.com and analyze.
  • Domain page rank and page: Look for the PageRank of the site in 2 ways. First is to evaluate the link juice such that you get to know the effect it will have on the rankings. Second is that a low page rank will mean the link is of low quality or spammy and must be strictly avoided. The simplest way of checking is to know the InLink Rank. Without fail you use tags.
  • Outbound links numbers: Having outgoing links in too many numbers is itself a sign of strong spam to Google. The more the links on a page you are considering to get means the less the PageRank will be passed as you get the link. Thus, it is vital to look for the outgoing links of the page you look for as a prospective backlink.
  • Know Domain history: This is the best to evaluate the stats as you look to get a link. Pay attention to the IP Address and the Dates. In case you find the sites hosted number is over 30 on the same server, you may be dealing with some link farm and if the same is in hundreds, you better check the Registrar History to know if there are recent changes. Look if they have just bought a decent domain. This is because it may lead to a quality drop.
  • Social signals: This should not be the ultimate factor to decide a quality. It is just a convenient way of seeing if it is a live page kicking some real engagement.
  1. Relevance

There is no doubt that relevance is the main key to success. Ensure the links that you get from websites are niche related. Only then it can be considered applicable to the website and the backlink page.

  1. Anchor text

Use the keyword to target and keep it to not more than 10%. The minimum the best and remember to anchor the text. The SEOs believe that across paid links the anchor text should be visible. Branded anchors use common anchor type and it makes the keyword noticeable.

  1. Link placement

The text is expected to be of your niche or at least closely related so that the target keyword phrases appear genuine. The link placement should be after or before the text.

  1. Management

Managing your backlinks is important as much as buying it. Thus, schedule the link checks every month as a start and typically ensure to check the links and ascertain that:

  • The quality of the backlink page and the authority metrics are not dropped
  • The link is visible on the backlink page
  • The anchor text of the link is steady
  • The page is live
  • The link is not switched as ‘nofollow’ 

Now that you know how to get backlinks, it is important to know how you must not do it.

How you must not do it.

  1. Sitewide links

Clearly avoid buying links from footer, sidebar, and site navigation areas. These are not considered trustworthy sources.

     2. User-generated links

This is another not to do links as it is user-generated and may include forum posts, blog comments, links from communities such as Reddit, bookmarks, etc. This will not be appropriate and will not relate to your niche. 

  1. People selling “backlink packages”

Purchasing backlink services or package is certain to bring you noticeable under Google penalty. Avoid buying backlink package as it is the dangerous thing and it means you are jeopardizing your site.

  1. Link selling services

Stay away from such services that are centralized. Initially, it may appear great but will end up in a penalty. This is because the search engines will crawl and penalize such networks and you will not be spared as well. 

  1. Dropped domains

The dropped domains are the ones that expired and anyone acquiring it may be a new owner. This is also a strict no as these turn as link farms. They may at first look decent, but on checking the domain history, your reputation is at stake. 

  1. Thin content sites

Again stay away from the sites having thin contents. This is because they generate revenue purely from the affiliate links and ads. As their priority is to make money, they are sure to be penalized soon and will be fired. 

  1. Sites that the search engines have not indexed

Avoid getting links from Google penalized domains. To know this, do a check and decide. It is necessary to check before you go for backlinks. It may be tempting to get backlinks soon but is of no use if they are not coming from indexed sources. 

  1. Sites confirming openly about selling links

This is plain and clear and requires no-brainer when it screams open mouth about selling links.

 Bottom line

Now, do you want to buy backlinks for your business? The safe and right answer is ‘No’.  Remember that buying backlinks is incredibly risky and the fact cannot be denied that it is potentially effective. It requires understanding the risks involved and taking the risk. Go through the points mentioned above and clearly keep away from the don’ts.  This will keep your website clean and protected and with genuine efforts, you can be in the search engine ranking results.

Now, it is your turn, what are your thoughts about buying links!

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