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Best Seo Tools 2018 – Must Read This

When it comes to internet marketing, keyword research is one of the most important factors for your SEO strategy to be effective.

If your blog or website is optimized for certain keywords, you can reach more readers, improve your content, and rank on Google, which will result in higher conversions, whether it’s a subscription to the email list, products, and services sales or social networking activities.

Best Seo Tools 2018

By choosing the right keywords for your post that will appear in the search results, you begin the optimization process.

best seo tools 2018

What is Keyword Research?

Keywords are words and specific phrases that identify what people are searching for, point users to a specific site, and at the same time describe the content on the topic you are writing about.

It’s often said that the keyword is “targeted” because, in the SEO strategy, you’re targeting just that word to get the maximum visitors for your content with as little competition as possible.

Keyword research is the process of finding words and phrases that people type on Google (and/or other search engines) to get the information they need.

During this process, you compile your own keyword list that describes your blog and its content the best, based on what you continue optimizing, in order to rank for those words in search engines. The ranking indicates the order of the web pages appearance on Google’s results page.

This research is mainly aimed at ranking for the targeted keyword in the top 10 positions on Google’s first page. If the site is in the 1st place, it occupies the number one position, as the first Google result.

The following are some of the best and most used SEO tools.

  1. answer the public best seo tools 2018Answer the Public is a great tool for which you may not be able to set the language if it’s not on the list, but it’s definitely worth it and can help you a lot in creating content. When you enter the main word or phrase, you will get a list of questions (what, where, how, when), then with prepositions (for, like, close, without, with) and alphabetically, in the format that you selected: visual or in the data field type. Here, you will find questions about each stage purchasing stage and what customers are looking for.
  2. Ubersuggest is a very useful tool that is very easy to use. It will greatly help you with ideas for your content and website. You need to type in your main word or phrase and click on “suggest”. Before entering a word, you can select the type of search: web, images, shopping, YouTube or news, and also you can choose the language.

As a result, you get a long list, which you can download. You can search the words from the list that you find interesting and then search again on Google and Google Trends for more ideas. What may be missing from this tool is other information, such as search number or CPC.

  1. WordZe is a very powerful tool that can save you a lot of time and for which you need to open a free account on their site. Also, before starting to use it, download their beginners’ guide with a variety of tips.

Within seconds, you get hundreds of ideas for your keyword, CPC value, traffic, competition, trend chart, and results from Google.

To research keywords, choose one of two options: “Long Keyword” and “Ultimate Research”. When you enter a keyword, select the country and give your project a name. If you want a larger number of keywords, use the first option. With this tool, it’s good that you do not need to export the information because it keeps you all the previous research.

You can turn off some of the options, filter data. You can download all data as a text or CSV file.

  1. Soovle will help you when you miss ideas for your content and new keywords. It is also a great tool for beginners, but also for those who want to sell their products. The reason for this is that you can quickly create a list of keywords and use suggestions from Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and Bing. The suggestion is to combine this tool with others because it is a simple one.
  2. The Seochat tool offers many helpful tools for exploring keywords: Google, Bing, Amazon, and YouTube. It is one of the most useful tools you will encounter. When the word is entered, clicking on the search, a list of the most popular phrases that begin with your given term appears. All of the information can be used to create content.

This tool is different from others by going through three steps within the process. From the first given list, a maximum of 100 words can be selected to move to the second step. Click on “Run” to get more valuable information with the second step. In the end, you also get costs per click and search volume.

  1. Keywords Everywhere can be used as a plug-in for Google Chrome or Firefox. Go to their site, click on “Install” to “Add”. You need to log in with an email address in order to download the API Key and activate the tool. This tool actually helps all other free tools which it is integrated with. It’s precious to everyone who is writing, blogging, and advertising.

This tool will save you a lot of time and save you copying data from one tool to check them with another. You get precise information about the keyword search number, especially for long words, CPC, and competition.

  1. KWFinder is a very useful SEO tool, regardless of the fact that you are limited to two free daily search terms and 50 search results. The entered keyword will provide you with information about the number of searches, as far as the word is competitive, give keyword suggestions for which you can rank. For each keyword, it lists the best results from Google, analyzes Facebook leaks, backlinks and domains.
  2. Keyword Tool provides an excellent list of options for the word you entered. Users like it because it does not rely solely on Google, but research on keywords can also be done for Amazon, YouTube, Bing, eBay, App Store.

When you enter a keyword, you get information about related words, search volume, CPC, and AdWords competition (unless they’re covered by moving to Pro version). You can set up a Google domain for your area, as well as a language. You get more information about related words than on Google, so it can be quite enough for you.

In addition to keyword ideas, you can click on the “Questions” option and get a list of questions that relate to your keyword.

  1. io is a tool that allows you to explore the keyword in the language you set. You get your list of results quickly, so you can extract all the words that suit you from left to right, where you create your own list. You can sort all of the words, and to download the list, you will need to open a free account.

This tool also has search options for Alibaba, Fiverr, Fotolia that you will not find with other SEO tools, and practically offers more information.

  1. Serps is a tool that shows you on one page all the similar words for the keyword you entered, the search number, the CPC price, and the value. It’s very simple and fast. There is a possibility to filter results by adding more words. Based on the results you get, you create your own list by clicking “+” and exporting it CSV format.
  2. LSI Graph is a tool for latent semantic indexing if you use LSI keyword in your SEO strategy. Using these keywords, you can improve the ranking of your blog.
  3. SeoBook is an efficient and easy tool for keyword research. When you open a free account, you can use it. This will make it easier for you to view the video guide on their site.

When you type a keyword and click on Enter, in 10 seconds you will get many keywords with information about: monthly search, CPC, values, daily search, Google Trends, results from Google, Bing, and Yahoo. You can download all the information you receive as a CSV file.

  1. WebpageFX is a tool that uses information from other sites, and you get them in the form of questions. In the search box, you enter the word for which you are looking for more information for, and just below the URLs of the sites, you would like information from Quora, Reddit, etc. You can also mark the category that your keyword belongs to. You get the results as links with titles to web pages that contain information.
  2. SEO PowerSuite is software is one of the most popular SEO tools, which uses more than half a million experts worldwide.

Since its inception, this product of Link-Assistant has been recommended as one of the best solutions for optimizing the content of websites with the goal of better ranking on Internet browsers.

This program has become dominant in the SEO industry, primarily because it allows users to find the way to the ideal tactics through the overall SEO analysis, which will increase the traffic on the site. In addition, among the biggest advantages of this software are numerous features that contribute to achieving the desired results and up to 10 times faster than the competition.

Additionally, the simple design of a program that allows the combination of different techniques in a very affordable manner is the most common reason why the software became an indispensable tool in the work of the proven SEO experts.

The following SEO Tools are available to users of the SEO PowerSuite program:

  • Rank Tracker,
  • SEO SpyGlass,
  • WebSite Auditor,

The goal of each of these tools is to simplify the different, most important cycles in the optimization process. Rank Tracker allows users to automatically monitor positions and research keywords. SEO SpyGlass is in charge of a detailed analysis of backlinks to its own, as well as competitive, but also preventive measures to avoid penalties.

If you need a complete SEO site analysis and content optimization, WebSite Auditor will help you, while LinkAssistant is designed to help you manage the entire process of contacting and creating links more efficiently.

The combination of these 4 tools in one place gives users everything they need to succeed in the SEO industry and this is the basic reason for the huge representation of the SEO PowerSuite program.

  1. For anyone with any experience in digital marketing and SEO, the inclusion of the Google Analytics tool is quite understandable. It’s absolutely the best tool for web analytics that has so many functionalities that it will make your head spin. Google Analytics is an absolutely unavoidable tool for all those who plan to work in the online world.
  2. Google Keyword Planner is without a doubt, the best tool for keyword research. Fast and easy to use, Google Keyword Planner will give you detailed information about which keywords you should use. Keep in mind that GKP is best used when conducting keyword refinements for Google AdWords campaigns so that it is best used, for the needs of classic SEO analysis, along with other tools.

If you are just launching a new site, you want to know what are the programs that can help you optimize your site or have been online for some time, and you are interested in how SEO site analyzes works, these SEO tools will undoubtedly fulfill all your expectations.

Keyword research is the basis of SEO optimization and techniques that are taught like any other. The real magic begins with content. Do not worry if you are not doing well at first. It will be better as you practice and learn. This article will help you a lot in finding keywords that will bring you, visitors. Make the most of the best SEO tools list.

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