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Best Guest Post Services 2018

Guest Blogging is certainly the best strategy for link building if it is done in the proper way. If you are using the services of guest posting, it is time you also realize it has genuine posting services and spammy services as well. If you are into guest posting in lots, check if you are in a bad company.


Best Guest Post Services 2018

best guest post service

The guest posting services caused among content marketers a lot of uproar and many professionals rely on these posting services to elevate the status of their websites with links and to enjoy the exposure. However, everyone wishes to know, if the sites will be accepted or will it be penalized by Google. One thing is the fact that the guest posting services is not looked down by Google.

The guest posting essence for the web is similar to public relations. It is about creating a story, and this content piece reaches to authoritative, larger sites offering a wide readership. This is a remarkably powerful tool to get trust, exposure, and credibility. However, there is a need to write content deserving to be shared on more authoritative and bigger sites to gain popularity. Now, there are websites in hundreds offering guest posting services and here you can find some of the best ones, it is time to go through these and to get the best bang.



They create articles and initiate the outreach process such that your article is placed in the similar industry niche site.  TheHoth.com place themselves as premium guest posting service and claim to use white-hat tactics to 100% in creating and promoting the contents.   They begin with understanding the keywords as a process that you want to get promoted. They develop the article from expert writers and start the process of outreach, assuring to get the content places in a related industry site.

The biggest point that is prominent is their customer support offering relatively quick response times and also turnaround times. The entire process is completed by them within 30 days, right from creating content for outreach. This has resulted in them having a lot of customers and they are the popular guest posting services. However, there are some reports of the sites for having lost in Google the keyword ranking after using this service, but it is believed that this has nothing to do with TheHoth.com.

The takeaway is you should make a practice of testing multiple services before confirming the claims. The best is to verify giving a small project and assessing results. TheHoth.com has many service packages, such as Hoth Press at $149, Hoth Blitz $250-$875. Hoth local price is $149- $549, and so on.  However, Hoth Blitz is highly used.



OutreachMama is also referred to as high search engine rankings and is believed to know everything about SEO. They are different from others as they offer only two services, link building, and blogger outreach.

They have experienced professionals in their team and these professionals are experienced in their particular fields and they handle the authority sites outreach. The fact stays that to do proper guest posting it involves more thoughtful, manual work, and custom campaigns for outreach, and it is expensive to outreach and consider link building.

OutreachMama price on an average is $80 per link as they create for you. However, if the links are relevant, authentically earned, authoritative sites, it is worth spending this price. In this way, you receive improved SEO results from readers that are organic, natural traffic. You can try with them a small project to see the output.



Guest-Postings.com offers a similar approach to creating contents and outreach. Of course, they also claim to offer the best outreach, with 100% relevant, manual and authority sites, despite the fact that their price charged is low.

They validate that their content is produced by professionally skilled authors and that their contents are unique. The blogs they use to post are not an integral part of the blog networks. They agree that they need typically 10-12 days to develop the post and per article to include 1 -2 links.

The fact is not denied that as with any other content service, their results also are expected to vary. As they also have multiple writers in their team, the quality of the articles vary, based on the expertise varying levels. However, the Price per post is $22 for their service. In case you provide an article of 500 + words of your own, they offer a discount of $5.  This site does not hold differentiating or strong USP and so it is worth trying, though you must not anticipate magical results.



Fatjoe asserts to place per month over 5000 links and that it is used by many agencies. Of course, on hearing such big numbers, there is a doubt running that they may be having a private blog network.

FatJoe also has a dashboard that allows placing easily and tracking the links. The advantage in hiring them is their ease of use, professionalism, besides their cost. They charge per link placement around $50 to $60, depending on the sites Domain Authority it is placed.

Some users are discontented as their links are believed to be placed manually on authentic sites. It is also said that these links were on inactive sites positioned that they failed to receive much traffic. Eventually, you should consider the plus points that they have plenty of agency clients, easy to use service and the prices are affordable. You must have realistic expectations and cannot expect miracles to happen.



SERPLogic is also one of the big names branding itself of providing the top quality SEO service that delivers on real sites the real guest posts. They boast that they offer genuine outreach services of guest posting.

This is definitely a tall claim and they confidently say about having the best editors and writers to write brilliant articles or contents. They also say they ensure your article is published on most reputable and relevant industry sites.

They are very expensive guest posting service charging $287 and upwards for a link even from a site that is in mid-range, and they also have good testimonials. In fact, some customers consider it worth the cost and some feel the price was not worth it. These reviews are expected even for the topmost services offered.

Blog Dash

Blog Dash is around for more than 6 years and is believed to be a blogger opt-in community. On joining them, you will stay connected always with other bloggers. Thus, it offers a chance even to write a post. The site permits their members to look for different categories and to also search through the keywords other sites to find your niche bloggers to work for.

There are lots of companies using Blog Dash as their outreach strategy for blogger and it is a paid community allowing understanding you are working or dealing with the site owners for real. In fact, you can also counter check them or even validate to know if they are genuine. The site claims to have 100,000 members and this claim makes Blog Dash an ideal place for other bloggers as well.

This site has no restriction to join, and the cost is $49.99 to search and also to stay connected with other bloggers. By connecting them, you may pursue to build long-term relationships and team up on other projects or ask for reviews, etc. Thus, Blog Dash is strongly believed as a legitimate site. Of course, there is manual work required, but you also get to know the quality level you receive is highest. The best part is they allow working in a straight line with other blog owners and it is transparent as you know with whom you are working and the quality level you will receive.

The downside is that there is a virtual assistant to browse the sites, reach other blog owners and it will involve spending enough time in researching.


OrSeep is believed to have a success rate of 90+%. In fact, OrSeep is a digital marketing agency offering an array of services. This includes blogging, SEO, web design to app development.

They have a series of offerings that will keep you wondering how they manage guest posting service without any flaw.  However, their website also claims to offer high-quality focused contents. They assert to work with all the types of industries, yet people looking for superior technical articles may look for some industry expertise. In the same way, even companies aiming for highly professional content writers with good and relevant experience may find this less convincing.

To place an order with OrSeep, you are expected to post your project description. They review it and then send a quote to you. On an average, it is noted that their charges are really affordable as they charge per hour $12 to $20. Alternatively, it is said you can also contact through UpWork, but that is not easy and so the best is to go through their website directly. There is the advantage of working with OrSeep directly through their website and this is because UpWork charges an extra 20% and this is apparent in their price.


GroupHigh is around since its founding in 2012. They also began working for big brands as guest posting services that are high priced. They have more than a million blogs that easily allows you to search by industry, keyword, location, topic, and number of followers. This is convenient as it allows you to do a search as per specific criteria to get contact information on each blog that you wish to have contact.

GroupHigh does not list on their website their price, but it is a known fact they offer guest posting services in high-tire ranges. As per the past customers, they claim to have been paying per year $3kto 4K to use their service.

Apparently, such a pricing is well-suited and appropriate only for large marketing departments and agencies, thereby excluding the solo blog owners. Instead, the small or solo blog owners may try using Blog Dash or MyBlogGuest to stay connected in your niche with other blog owners directly.


BloggerLinkUp is identical to BlogDash, and it also allows you to stay directly connected with other bloggers. About this blogging, the nice thing is that it is completely free.  You can make the right use by offering a product and to get it reviewed by other bloggers.

BloggerLinkUp, every week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, the alternate days, sends an email listing requests that the other members have done. Thus, you can browse the email and can connect with your choice of bloggers and contact them.

BloggerLinkUp is a free service and as it is same as BlogDash, you do not need a guide or help to understand the outreach process.  This is an option such that you must manually sift the opportunities of guest posting and contact the other blog owners.

Wrapping Up Guest posting services

As there are many guest posting services, the fact is that a real blogger wishing to spread a real message must be ready to write their articles and also try to manually reach out to your niche high-quality sites so that they publish your article. On doing this, you generate traffic of high-quality in logs and also get genuine links. The main focus is on the traffic that converts into sales.

On this ground, it is that all the above-mentioned guest posting services offer the same services, but varies in their own type. For instance, Blog Dash allows connecting the real bloggers and also allows creating real relationships with the bloggers transforming into sales. Of course, there is a need to spend time by writing a compelling article, but the lead is assured.

An article that is posted on a high-quality site does more business than 10 articles of the lower quality sites. Thus, using guest posting services strictly to get backlinks in more numbers to your site means, you may try the services mentioned above.

In case you know about some private blog networks, ensure they are upfront about it. Do confirm if other reputable companies are also employing them.

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